Lose Weight in Just a Few Sessions


Diet and exercise. Diet and exercise. What happens when this is not enough?  When it comes to weight loss, many people experience challenges in maintaining a consistent routine. This is because most of the time, our success is depending upon our great ability to change lifestyle habits and maintain these habits for long periods of time. With any change it requires discipline, determination, and persistence.  Hypnotherapy has been proven as an effective tool to overcoming weight loss challenges and reversion back to old habits. By using pacific exercises to target those thoughts that have helped keep the negative patterns in place, we can work towards creating lasting change in your health.

Improving your self-image is also a contributing factor to improving your overall health and increasing your confidence.

Why try Losing Weight with Hypnotherapy?

While no single intervention can claim guaranteed success for any issue, hypnotherapy has been used to successfully get people past the barriers and road blocks that prevent them from seeing success on their weight loss journey.

While many other weight loss programs target only the body, hypnotherapy interventions targets the mind. If you were able to gain control over your thoughts and beliefs, you have the power to change your life.

Percentage of US Pop. Trying to Lose Weight 45%
Long Term Weight Loss Success Rate (losing and keeping off weight for 1 year) 20%
Weight Regain (within 2 years) 50%
Reasons for Losing Weight-To Improve Wellbeing 90%

Weight Loss Tips